Washington State University

Building Coordinator

Coordinator Duties

Each building coordinator is responsible for the following building-related functions:

  • Participating in ongoing building coordinator training
Building Liaison
  • Assisting in communicating information to occupants regarding building issues (e.g., repair and renovation projects, utility service shutdowns, environmental and safety issues, scheduling.
  • Assisting occupants to properly submit work requests and identify project requirements to Facility Operations for maintenance, repairs and improvements to the building.
  • Maintaining a list of emergency contact information related to special equipment that may be adversely affected by utility emergencies. This includes the location and existence of Hazardous Material.
  • Maintaining information regarding instructional resources available in the building (e.g., classrooms, teaching laboratories, instructional technology, and instructional equipment).
  • Promoting energy management and conservation among building occupants.
Emergency Management/Safety/Security
  • Assist the office of Emergency Management and the Campus Police Department and act as their POC for the Building. Assisting with general building emergency preparedness planning. Planning topics may include lockdown, evacuation, reporting, and responding.
  • Assist Environmental Health, Safety, Risk Management Services and act as their POC for the building. (Please see EHSRMS Brochure/ Trifold). Assisting with coordination of safety education, training, and drills for building occupants.
  • Serving as a liaison with neighboring or related buildings regarding emergency preparedness issues.
  • Updating the Building Coordinator website with the correct emergency contact & reduced operations information for your assigned building(s)