Washington State University

Architectural Design Review

Standard Operating Procedure for
Architectural Design Review Committee


  • Establish an Architectural Design Review Committee to provide direction and approval for Minor Capital Repair (MCR) projects that have a visual or aesthetic impact on the University experience.


  • The Architectural Design Review Committee will be composed of representatives from Facilities Services areas of Capital Projects and Facilities Operations. The initial members will be as follows:
    Louise Sweeney - Chair 509-335-4437 lasweeney@wsu.edu
    Cynthia Arbour - Member, Exterior Design 509-335-7010 carbour@wsu.edu
    Craig Cole - Member (Client) 509-335-9035 craig.cole@wsu.edu

  • The Committee will routinely meet to review MCR project designs that have some visual impact to the University experience. If a project or work requirement does not have a visual impact on the University Experience, then the Committee does not need to review.
    • The Committee will meet every two weeks or as needed, Thursdays, 3-4:30pm
    • If an expedited review is necessary, the Project Manager will submit an urgent request and the Committee will meet or review as available
    • Only 3 of the 4 members will need to officially review and approve a design or action
    • The Committee will take all aspects of the designs into consideration, and determine the most appropriate solution to maximize the University experience.
  • Project Managers will submit requirements for review at an early stage that will allow the Committee an opportunity to make modifications of the design to be more architecturally sensitive to the University Experience.
    • The design submittals need to contain enough information to make a determination on the visual effects of the work, therefore, they need to contain at a minimum:
      • Site Plan (if applicable)
      • Floor Plans
      • Elevations
      • Anticipated materials
      • Color proposals
      • Photos of the area in question, may include photos of the area leading up to the location or away from the location as well
    • The project managers will physically present the designs to the Committee and obtain the necessary approval to move forward with a project, site visits may be required.